Meet our founder and CEO: Aira Agrawal!

Aira Agrawal is a senior at Emma Willard High School in New York. She is the co-captain of her school’s Science Olympiad team and co-head of the Math and Science Tutors on campus. Last year, Aira was part of her school’s new Wellie program, an initiative to promote health and wellness in the community. These leadership positions have allowed Aira to share her passions with her peers and community. 

Aira loves STEM! She has competed in multiple math competitions in the U.S., such as the Harvard-MIT Math Tournament and the MathWorks Modeling Challenge. Last year, Aira forayed into the world of healthcare through an internship at Williams Surgery Specialists where she surveyed over 1,400 surgeons to research trends in the business of healthcare. Over the summer, Aira worked as a research intern in the Neuroscience Department at Albany Medical Center. She investigated how focused ultrasound treatment affects neural activity in rat brains and if this can be translated for pain management for humans. 

Aira also enjoys dancing. She has been dancing for thirteen years and currently learns and performs Bharatanatayam (Indian Classical) and Contemporary. Aira is proficient in three languages: English, Hindi, and Spanish. In her free time, Aira loves baking, meditating, eating waffles, and entertaining her younger siblings. 

Aira hopes to pursue Chemical Engineering studies and aspires to be a biotech entrepreneur.

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