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If you need any assurance that screen time is really a global challenge, check out these articles and stay updated on how media is portraying screen time! (To read the mentioned article, click on the title of the section)

The Screen Time Debate is Pitting Parents Against Each Other

Lauren Smiley || March 8 2018 || The Verge

I first read this article while doing some research for a parent seminar last month and wow! This piece encompasses the struggle of constantly comparing your screen time policy with others’. Read to feel empowered and encouraged that you are making screen time work for your family!

How Fortnite Triggered an Unwinnable War Between Parents and Their Boys

Betsy Morris || Dec 21 2018 || Wall Street Journal

The Fortnite phenomenon began in 2017, yet it still captivates millions of players worldwide. Parents are seeing the hold this exciting video game has on their children, especially their young boys. This article provides insight into an increasing struggle in households all over the US.

Is Your Phone Use Harming Your Child?

Jemima Kiss || December 7 2018 || The Guardian UK

This article explores the relationship between distracted parents (by screens!) and child development. 

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